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About Us

GNOMON PLUS is a new concept store looking to bring a diversity of interesting watches closer to the consumers. With advancements in online shopping, the global scenery on how people do business has changed dramatically. More people are now more willing to take up entrepreneurship. A thriving sector with regards to this phenomenon is the watch making business. With the help of funding from prospective clientele, watch collectors who long hoped of the day when they can produce from watches that embodies their interpretation of perfection now can see their dream come into fruition.

Most of these new watch brands are spearheaded by watch collectors who invested many years admiring and examining horology. Being the maiden foray into building a watch brand, the former, who undoubtedly possesses enormous passion for watch design, might lack the proficiency in watch sales and marketing. Backed by our parent company, GNOMON WATCHES (12 years and going in online/retail watch sales), GNOMON PLUS has the experience and can help new watch brands heighten their exposure value, distribution network and sort out their logistics. This will greatly help nurture the new brands and provide needed assistance so they skip trial/error methodology and move quickly ahead.

Promoting watches for a practically new brand is not easy. Not many people are willing to bankroll an unknown, something without firsthand knowledge of its parentage. To the avid seasoned watch buyer, a watch is not only a decorative item but one that can last and go the distance. Upon daily use and wear, subsequently, the watch will need maintenance and servicing. This applies even more for watches with mechanical movements.

Through GNOMON PLUS we will provide prospective buyers the assurances by underwriting technical support for the watches.

What we do at GNOMON PLUS

With this system in place, we can bypass most of the unwelcome obstacles one might encounter when buying a product from a new watch brand within the realm of the online domain. Through GNOMON PLUS, we will take care of your watch and you if anything goes wrong with the watches. In most instances, if applicable, we have a team of dedicated watchmakers in our fully equipped service centre to service the watches.